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Forged aluminum Super Angle Drop Knuckles with roll center/bump steer correction ~ Forged aluminum adjustable front upper arms for extended track width ~ Adjustable front lower arms and compression rods adjust track width, camber and caster. Custom arm shape provides extra tire clearance at high angle. ~ Rack/inner tie rod offset spacers move tie rods FORWARD 45mm to offer a bolt on solution to reduce ackerman and correct steering overcentering at high angle without having to relocate the steering rack. ~ Extended Chromoly Inner tie rods and spherical bearing Outer Tie Rods ~ Spherical bearing adj. sway bar links ~ Z33 Hubs and Ball Joints ~ Akebono Brake Brackets (base model Z34 calipers wont work. Must use Akebono Z34 brakes, Z33 brakes, or Z32 Brakes) **Z34 is much different than Z33. The full kit must be used together. The drop knuckle is needed to increase angle. The other parts are required to fit the drop knuckles. **Z34 wheel speed sensors will not attach to these knuckles. If you desire to have functioning wheel speed sensors, you will use Z33 sensors which bolt to the knuckles. Since the harness connectors are different, you can simply splice the Z33 sensor to the Z34 plug.
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