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Want the best methanol injection nozzle on the market? Then run our proven Micro Droplet nozzles. Many customers have seen 5hp gains by simply switching to our newly designed nozzles. The secret of our misting nozzles is pretty simple. You get smaller droplets from our nozzle than from any other methanol injection company.

Micro Droplets. With our more precise machining, we produce finer droplet particles. The smaller the droplet, the more surface area there is, and the better it will distribute through the intake. That way, our nozzles pull more heat out quicker with the same amount of fluid being introduced into the motor.

Stainless Steel Orifices We machine the orifices only from stainless steel—others use brass and alum, which we all know are softer and cheaper materials. See for yourself what a difference stainless steel makes.

An Innovative Design. DevilsOwn micro droplet nozzles are a wall design nozzle, meaning there are threads on the front and back of the nozzle. Because of the 80 micro filter, anything small enough to pass through the filter will pass through the orifices.

Application. These nozzles will work with all methanol injection company’s nozzle holders that accept a 1/8NPT threads.  The front threads are also 1/8npt and can be mounted in most all intakes without any adapters.  Don't compromise, expect the best. DevilsOwn Injection

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