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~This S14 inner tie rod is the classic extended length that we have been selling for years. 27mm longer than OEM S14 inner tie rods.
~Strong CrMo construction with pillowball inner joints ~ 7mm built in rack spacers give more rack travel and noticable increase in steering angle
~ 7mm longer m16p1.0 rack threads guarantee proper thread engagement into the rack ~ 20mm longer threads on the tie rod end
~ We offer 3 inner tie rod lengths & the chart below lists all of the combinations.
~Note**Has less bearing travel than OEM tie rod(18 degrees vs. 28 center to max)due to double the shaft size for strength, so this should be combined with coilover suspension only.

Inner Tie Rod ONLY - 298
With OTR min. length - 361
With OTR max. length - 391
With OTRLB min. length - 407
With OTRLB max. length - 447

All lengths are in millimeters from end of rack to end of tie rod thread, or when our inner and outer are combined ~ rack to OTR joint center. When using RSPCR rack to inner tie rod forward offset spacer add 35mm.
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