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Rubber 90º Boot 3 Way PSI Transducer Connector


Length: 1.35"
Height: .800"
Width: .694"
Weight: 3.53G

After a lengthy design and testing process Prowireusa is proud to offer our bespoke designed rubber boot made specifically for the 3-way Delphi lipped pressure transducer connectors.

The new 90BT boot is the only boot on the market to properly engage the lip on the back of the 3-way GT150 Connector transducer connector. When installing the 90BT you will feel and hear the click as the boot engages the lip of the connector body and snaps into place, something that no other boot on the market currently does.

Also, important to note that the 90BT boot is lighter and more compact than the competitor’s boot. The pictures above show the differences between our 90BT boot and the competitor’s boot.
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